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We’re Talking Dog Toys Here!

Today I was looking over my vast amount of dog toys.  I have this basket (when Mom has them picked up) it overflows.  I love my toys, when I am ready to play I  know exactly what toy I want,  and nothing else will do.  My favorite toys are the squeaky ones, you know I can can squeak them with my nose?  If they don’t squeak, roll, or have tags then what good are they?  I have been doing an (official Buddy) study on which toys are the best for dogs like me.  First, let me tell you I really like to chew on certain types of things, my favorite is tissues, I don’t know what it is about them, but I just can’t resist.  I don’t mess with the clean ones on the roll or in a box, OH NO, I like the ones that are squished up, and a little dirty.  Sometimes I just can’t resist and I try to get them out of Moms’ hand, whoops that was my little secret.  Back to the dog toys,  I have many different types, I have my family trained to bring me something every time they go somewhere, Love it!  When I have the urge to chew on something, I love my beef tendons that Mom gets me from the Only Natural Pet Store that keeps me out of trouble, with shoes, paper and stuff that I am not supposed to chew on.  Now the rest of the time, I love to play with toys that I can squeak and roll all by myself, it help to pass the time until I can get someone to throw it or play tug of war, (favorite game ever).   As I said, I have a lot of dog toys, and all of the ones you see here, have been toy tested by me!  I only like to play and chew on toys that were meant for dogs, they have been tested to be safe for dogs.  These are the ones that were not chewed up or destroyed, and I have had them for 5-6 months, now that is tough, Buddy tested.  Click on the PetSmart site, and Only Natural Pet Store and see where our dog toys came from.  Talk to you later!

Vacations: Who needs them!

I can’t think of a better start then to say, I always want to go with my family, but most of time it just doesn’t happen.  A couple of weeks ago I thought something was up, the family was getting excited, and they were spending lots of time looking over these papers, and talking about going away.  Oh boy, I’m going somewhere!  NOT!  They take me to the Pet Hotel there were lots of dogs and cats, let me tell you I freaked!  Are they taking me back to the pound, what have I done?  Once inside I realize it is just a big indoor dog park, Oh boy, I can play with everyone, yea!  Well it comes time for the family to say good bye and off they go,  I had a great time playing and thought this is a great deal, but then I got tired and was ready to go home.  One of my new people friends took me back to a “hotel bed”  but really it was just a glorified crate, now this was not what I planned, I want my family’s bed and their sofa, my toys, I want to be at home!  I was not happy!   I guess Mom and Dad realized that the Pet Hotel was not for me, because the next day, after they picked me up someone new (Tammy) showed up and she loved to play, she looked at the food, bed, outside, checked out the poop pickup thing, where my leash was, and then sat down to play with me.  Now this is something I could get use to.   Well let’s just jump to the what happened next, Tammy is from a place called Sittercity ,  she was hired by my Mom to take care of me at home.  It’s great because she comes over takes care of me twice a day, by walking, feeding, and playing with me.  I love it, I get to stay at home, but someone still pays attention to me,  with the Sittercity girl, I get the comforts of home, and more, all Mom had to do was put in our zip code, and then go through the list of pet sitters in our area, and then there was Tammy.  Woof, Woof

How Was Your Weekend?

Hope you all had a great weekend mine was really busy, first on Wednesday, my friend moved into the house, there was lots of people and stuff going in and out of the house, and a cat!  I remember from my old house we had a cat, and I loved playing with him, but when I got lost I lost my friend too!  I am really excited to see him, his name is Baby Kitty.  Well, let me tell you Baby Kitty is not as nice to me as my old friend was, I guess he doesn’t like me much,  he hisses, tries to smack me with his claws, Not Cool!  It’s been a few days now, it seems  my Buddy charm is growing on him, because he is getting much nicer, but he still will not play with me, I’m really trying to be nice and not chase him, but I just want to play!!!!

On Friday, my mom took me to be groomed, I saw my friend Minerva, she is my new groomer, and I really like her, I don’t even mind being left anymore, because now I know that mom will come back and get me.  She talks, plays, and pets me while she cuts and baths me, I like that it helps distract me, and of course I love the attention.  However, I still hate getting my nails done, it doesn’t take too long, so I try to sit still, but really, really hate it.  My fur is now short, it’s called a (summer cut),  boy am I cute.  I got treated for Heart-worm, and Fleas my mom does it every month, she says it’s to keep me healthy,  all I know is that I love that I get Nature Treats, so I keep being a healthy dog.

This week I have been testing all my toys, I love them all, and I don’t ever chew up my toys, well almost never.  Answers on my test next week.  Don’t forget to check out all the healthy product you can get you can get from my site, along with Heart-worm, and Flea treatments.  Enjoy!

Mosquitoes, Dogs and Neem Oil

These items all have a common denominator “a healthy dog” Just like us, being bit by nasty bugs is never good.  It lowers our immune system, and can introduce your dogs to other problems like mange, and parasite infections.  The Neem tree originated in India, and for many years it has been known for its medicinal value.  My personal favorite is keeping mosquitoes, fleas, and other biting insects away of Dogs and People. Neem oil is made by pressing the oil from the seeds; it doesn’t smell great, like a cross between garlic and sulpher. The odor can be overcome by adding some essential oils like rose geranium, lavender, ylang ylang or others to the neem oil.

Neem oil is a nature way to keep your dog healthy; most pet owners explore alternative methods once they have exhausted the traditional paths. I personally think if there’s away to keep Buddy away from the harmful chemicals that I can’t even pronounce, then that is what I will do.  If you check out the link neem oil you can purchase your own bottle, read more options for use, and start enjoying the many benefits.  More information also can be found not only about Neem oil but for many other  Natural Products to keep your dog healthy.  Remember a Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

My Family Left

Well today is going to be a quick one, but I just wanted to let you what happened this weekend, let me tell you I was NOT a happy camper.  It started out on Thursday just like any other day, but then my family started getting out suitcases, and hustling around, I knew something was up.   It was great I thought maybe I’m going somewhere exciting, O Boy, I followed Mom around just like any good dog would do, I was getting tired out with all that following.  Next thing I know they are telling me to stay and it seems that they are taking all their stuff with them, but not me?  Well out they go, and leave me home I’m not sure what to think, it starts getting dark, and they didn’t even leave a light on for me.  What the Heck!  I’m starting to get a little freaked out when someone lets themselves in and then just starts trying to talk to me.  Now I am really freaked out, did they give me away, and now I have to train someone else?  Then I realize I have met her before, she always plays with me, O Boy, but she won’t play I bark and bark, run outside and back in but No she is not wanting to play, she wants me to stop barking.  I don’t think so!   So on I go with trying to get her to play.  She spends the night but still I’m not going to give in and be nice to her, unless she will play, I am very stubborn.  Next day off she goes to work, and I’m alone again, this is so not cool.  In the evening she comes back again, maybe now she will play, still not so much but finally she gets some of my many toys and starts to play, OK much better.  Now one point needs to be made here, I still have no idea where my Mom and Dad went, all I know is that I wanted to go!   She is very nice to me, and I really do like her, and I guess it is not her fault my family is missing, so I decide to be nice to her.  After that we got alone fine.  Then next day, I hear the garage door go up and it sounds like they are back, YES!!!! I’m so excited.   Now one little side note they just better not leave again, but at least I now know that they will be back.  The whole time they were gone, all I could think about was having to go back to the pound.  Now I know that my new family loves me, and may leave but they will be back!!!

The Wait!!!

Well it’s been while since I talked to you all about what it was like being adopted.  I’ve already shared with you that my new family had made a decision to take me home.  From what I had seen in the past, my friends were chosen, and then they went with their families.  Well for me it was just not that simple.  You see like I had said, it was Christmas time, I knew that because my mom had said I was to be a Christmas present.  Well they signed some papers, and left, I was put back into my cage, I thought Oh no!  The next couple of days nothing happened, I wondered are they coming back, was I not really adopted, I was sure that I had but after a couple of days, I was starting to get really sad.  One day here comes some volunteers they take me out, and so I think were are we going, am I going home now?  Oh no, here I go back to the Doctors office, hey what it going on, NO I do not want to do this,  aaaah sleep.  Well not  very later it seemed, I’m waking up and I kinda don’t feel so good and worst of all I have this thing around my head, what the heck, and I’m back in a cage, with some of my friends and they don’t look so hot either.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait to long,  here come the volunteers, and they pick me up and take me outside and there is my DAD, yea finally, I’m so excited, OK now just take this thing off my neck and I will be ready to go.  HaHaHa not so quick!!! Next week …..going home

Chinese Chews

Treats Making your Healthy Dog Sick?

I have been following with interest a story about seemly healthy dogs getting sick, one common theme is Chicken Jerky.  The research is linking chicken from China, which is then made into Jerky either in the USA or China.  The scary part is that you have to really look at the product and read the fine print to even know where it came from.  Even after you have done your due diligence, we still don’t know.  It can be found in the by-product that has been shipped here from China, but the FDA doesn’t require the companies to list where it came from.

After doing some extensive research I have come up with some helpful information that I wanted to pass on to you.  The FDA still claims that even after many complaints, and their issuance of numerous warning about indigestion of Chicken Jerky there is still no need for a recall of Chinese-made pet treats.  How can that be?

Our dogs and cats are getting sick and having kidney failure, that is not in question, the question is WHY.  The vets are calling it Fanconi’s syndrome which has been around for a long time however it is now showing up much more frequently. Here are some of the signs we need to look for:

  • Increased drinking and urinating
  • “Accidents” in the house
  • Reduced appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness

Something I found interesting was that the reason that chicken is being imported from China, is that dark meat is preferred, and they consider the white meat inferior.  What are your thoughts, is it because the chickens are being fed contaminated food?  Is the contamination coming from the process plants?  What is the contamination?  I wish that I could answer all the questions.  Until some of these questions are answered, I am not going to feed (Buddy my dog) any more treats that are not made in the USA and then only after I have thoroughly read the labels.    It really would be best to avoid any treats, or chews that are made with dried animal parts, as they are not usually heated to a temperature that will kill the pathogenic bacteria, and especially those that are made in China.

As of December 28, 2011 it was reported by    MSNBC that the FDA stated that at least 353 dogs have gotten sick or died from eating Chicken treats made in China. I feel that the number has been adjusted way to low; just personally have seen so many heartbreaking stories, since I started my research after Buddy got sick.  Now, I see that Sweet Potato Treats from China are starting to cause some of the same kidney issues.  I think it has to do with all the pollution that everyone, and everything is exposed to in China.

I came across an article in the New York Times that the Chinese have been feeding the Melamine to their chickens and livestock for a while.  You may remember the problems that occurred in 2007 when the FDA found it in many products from dog food to infant formula. If you don’t remember you can find the research in Wikipedia under “Melamine”.  It is known that it causes Kidney failure if ingested, and it was the cause of a major dog food recall a few years ago.

What I do for my dog is make his treats, and if I find him starting to have any type of health issues, I feed him acidophiles, to help counter the bad bacteria with good. A few months ago when I first got Buddy, we had bought him some Chicken Jerky, I did not notice where it was made and he started to get sick.  I have a friend that swears by Acidophiles and she uses it for her baby goats, she suggested using it.  You can find it at most health food stores, just make sure it is Human Grade, it comes in a liquid or a powder, mix with a little water, and let your dog or cat lick it off your finger or put it in their food. It won’t make them sick no matter, and it helped Buddy to feel better.

Please be sure and check with your veterinarian before you start, since I am not a doctor, I can’t recommend any treatments but it worked for us.   I’ll tell you it is better than them eating grass and then disposing of it on your carpet.

Buddy’s Mom  Lover of Dogs


Buddy being healthy

Hello all,  I know that you all missed me, and that I told you that I would be working on my adoption story, but there is even more news that I have to talk about.  Have you heard about all the problems with the dog chews being sent out of  China, I may have eaten some of that stuff myself, ewww,  scary stuff so Mom started looking for better snacks for me that are healthy, and good.    My family is very concerned, I saw them throw out my favorite chews, when I saw that, my first thought was  NOOOOOO, but there they were in the garbage.  Well the good news is that they got some other kind that is great, so for me I guess the bottom line is I don’t care as long as they keep it coming.  My mom just found some great dog biscuits, and I love them, she’s a great mom!  She also found this great cookbook on homemade food for dogs, and she has been practicing on me, LOVE IT.  Of course I have to keep my trim figure, so Mom and I have been exercising and she is on a diet, but more on that later.  But check out this great cookbook Mom found at Bake a Dog Click Here! for more info.  Well that’s it for this time, talk to you later.  Whoof, Whoof  PS.  I’ve included a video of one of my favorite cookies that mom makes for me,  Thanks to the Bow Wow Bake Shop for this recipe. 

I think I might be in trouble

Hi gang,  Buddy here again, I just love this picture that kinda leads me into what I wanted to talk about today.  Is just plain and simple misbehaving,  sometime no matter how hard I try I just can’t be good.  Why just yesterday, I was sitting on my families bed, and there it was, “a newspaper” now I know that I am not supposed to chew and tear up anything that doesn’t belong to me,  It was sitting there and no one was home, it was torture,  I tried to think about something else, but there it was just teasing me.  I moved over by it and looked around, no one is here!  I though well maybe I will just lick it, and then, I can chew on it but not tear it up.  Well long story short, the next thing I knew I had torn up the whole top of the paper off and it was into little pieces.  Oh no, I didn’t know what to do, so I just hopped of the bed as quick as I could, and I thought maybe no one will notice.  Well let me tell you I was wrong, I was right they didn’t notice right away, but when mom got home, she noticed right away, and she was not happy.  I tried to hide, but she knew just who had done it,  I wish I had someone else to blame it on, and she even talked about doing DOG TRAINING!!!!!  I’m not sure what that is but, I don’t know if I will like it!  I’ll keep in touch and let you know how that goes, well for now Woof! Woof!